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Citius, Altius, Fortius

Several thoughts about the Olympics:

(1) Probably my single most favorite thing to watch on television, ever.

(2) I am SO GLAD dancesport is not in the Olympics. I am pleased that idea seems to have died out.

(3) Go Team USA!


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Bunheads – ABC Family

Guys, are you watching this? You should be watching this. It’s legit. Funny, smart, and awesome.

The trailer (see below) is good marketing and appopriate for the network it’s on (ABC Family), but bullshit; it’s much more of a grown-up tv show. Here’s the opener of the pilot (click on the image to enlarge; WordPress won’t let me do screenwriting formatting properly so I had to paste in an image, blah, sorry):

Awesome. You should watch this. Okay? (Edited to add: is it weird that I think Sutton Foster in this looks exactly like Lauren Graham? I mean, I have long been an Amy Sherman-Palladino fan, but gosh. This is Gilmore Girls: Dance Camp. It’s nice.)

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