I’m sorry, WHO are you?

Yeah, I dance in front of avocados. Guaca-mambo!

Yeah, I dance in front of avocados. Guaca-mambo!

My name is Katie E. Clark – I am a professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, and teacher . I live in Los Angeles, California, and along with my amazing partner Shawn Groth, I am working on becoming the best human I can and helping others to become more awesome humans through dance. Our business, The Connected Dancer, started in 2013 and is growing and developing – it’s a tremendous and exciting process, and I am just disgustingly lucky that I get to do what I love every day and own my own company doing it.

I began writing Against Line of Dance when I transitioned from being an academic into teaching dance full time, because there were thoughts, observations, and conversations that I wanted and needed to have, but that I didn’t feel were possible in the real world. Or more correctly: they were conversations that happened, but only very rarely and usually after four or more adult beverages.

This blog isn’t professional advice, it isn’t gospel, and it certainly doesn’t represent any opinions other than my own. I believe in growth, and change, and learning new shit all the time. ALL THE TIME. The learning, she does not stop. (Unless you can FREEZE TIME but even then I’m pretty sure you would learn a bunch of amazing shit about the nature of time and whatnot.)

So, you know, there it is. I love rhinestones, I really like coffee, I swear too much, I have a lot of opinions but I’m pretty good at changing my mind when I’m wrong (ask Shawn, he’s right just as much as I am and I have to change my mind A LOT, it’s pretty great), and most of all, I love to dance. It’s just the greatest thing ever.

Thanks for reading! And save me a dance, okay?

12 thoughts on “I’m sorry, WHO are you?

  1. Marian Condon says:

    Hey, Cool Lady! Thanks for following my blog! I’ll put a link to yours on it as soon as I get a minute. I know you want to remain anonymous, but if you’d like to call me and let me interview you for my book over the phone, we could do that. Contact info is on the blog. I got on the NASSDP website – had not known of that org. – glad it exists; I am a feminist and, like you, perceive a wee bit of dissonance between that part of me and the tacky ballroom dancer part. I am not a good dancer yet and probably will never be – but I LOVE IT and it has put a shine on my life you would not believe. Gotta run. Arthur Murray is having an event tonight and i gotta get my bling on!

  2. Marian Condon says:

    Hi, there! Thanks so much for having signed up to follow my blog (www.ballroompersonalgrowthhealing.com); you are now part of a huge crowd of 5 or so. Love your take no prisoners attitude and practical advice; gotta get some of that hair freeze you recommended. Wonder whether it would work on my thighs? I’m glad to know of that same-sex dance partners org. Will spread the word among some of my pals. Like you, I get an ironic hoot out of the disconnect between my feminist self and the part of me that wants to be the hottest looking old babe in the ballroom. Hey, if you’re up for being interviewed (probably over the phone) for my book, I’d love that. You can find my e-mail address and cell # on the blog. I’ll start interviewing near the end of May. May your feet never hurt!

  3. tara says:

    omg I love this blog! you said everything i was thinking / feeling / ever wondered about in my a-few-lessons long career! keep writing please!!

  4. Love the blog – found you through Dancing with Stefanie and so glad I did! Looking forward to following!

  5. Giulia says:

    hey! i am currently doing a research for a Master of Art in Choreography at Laban (London). I have been competing for more than 15 years and my research is about a lot of things that match your blog as the gender issue, the sport/art conflict, the industry and the rules ecc.
    It would be great to talk to you about it. My email: giulia.settomini3@gmail.com
    Well done, btw..

  6. Katy says:

    Hey there. You make my day. I work with cancer patients all day and when I need a lift I read your blog and, subsequently, I laugh my ass off.

  7. bgballroom says:

    Goodness gracious – a blog that can make me LOL every other line. sometime EVERY line. OK, that was after the evening wine call, but still…. found you via Dancing with Stefanie and linking through thespinningdancer.

  8. love says:

    Love it, totally why I am so into wordpress. Raaahahahahndom.

  9. Ilona says:

    I LOVE THIS BLOG SOOO MUCH! I AM SO HAPPY THAT I DISCOVERED! I learned a lot of sewing tips since I’m going to make my own Latin dance costume. *gulp*

  10. Gwen Jones says:

    Hi Katie…I just stumbled onto this blog while researching for dance clothes for my very first team match competition..I am DESPERATE for personal advice regarding what to wear..it is stressing me out. Is it possible for me to email you my stats etc? It would be such a help!!

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