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What’s in your dance bag? Ballet Edition!

Welcome to guest blogger Adult Beginner, who writes about the journey of ballet as a grown-up lady at her blog. If you haven’t checked it out, you SHOULD; she’s funny and smart and insightful and very honest. And she draws fantastic pictures! So thanks, Adult Beginner, for letting us take a peek into your dance bag! This is the second installment of our “What’s in Your Dance Bag?” feature – see the previous post, and read the comments from other savvy dancers talking about their dance must-haves.

Adult Beginner

Huh, pink and black or GTFO, I guess.

From left to right:

1.) Bobby pins. Everywhere. Forever.

2.) Scünci hair band, for keeping it smooooooth.

3.) Sansha Nijinsky full-sole leather ballet slippers, in the mesh bag. That mesh bag is brilliant marketing. I would almost stick with Sansha for life just for the thrill of that mesh bag.

4.) Capezio split-sole canvas ballet slippers. Don’t remember the style name for these. If it was stamped on the bottom somewhere it has long since worn off. The canvas makes a prettier pink color and texture than the leather, but man they get dirty! Gross, sorry for your eyes, you guys.

5.) Sansha Pro 1C split-sole leather ballet slippers, in mesh bag, yay.

6.) Black cotton Motion Wear shortie-shorts, because I constantly worry that I will forget my skirt or shorts or whatever and will be forced to do ballet in just tights and a leotard. That is just way less clothing than I’m interested in. Therefore, shorts in the bag.

7.) The bag itself: just a dumb old cotton tote. Bags with pockets and zippers and compartments and phone holders and magnetic closures and buckles and things seem great for organizing all your business, but in reality they just add weight on the shoulders. A plain old tote is so much easier and lighter. And can be thrown in the washing machine.

What else is usually in there: water bottle. Sometimes a pair of leg warmers. Phone is in my purse. Same for lip balm. That’s all a girl needs.

Stay tuned as we feature more guest bloggers in the coming weeks and look at what’s in THEIR dance bags. Thanks again to Adult Beginner  – seriously, check her out!

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