We say it all the time with students, but it’s equally true on the other side…

…dancing is therapy. And not always the nice kind with hugs and happy places (although it can be). There is something about dance and the teaching that demands – at least if you want to do it really well – total and unflinching honesty.

It sucks. And it is not a pleasant or easy process. Every time I think I’ve got a handle on things, something turns around and smacks me in the face, reminding me that, no, I do not have it all together, and yes, I need to do better.

So, okay. Tomorrow I will do better, at least a little bit. (Tonight I am going to have a glass of wine and go to bed.)


4 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Marian Condon says:

    This is not really on your topic, but I feel the need to share. Found out that not one, but two of our instructors have left. Both are delightful, lovely young women whose company I enjoyed at studio parties. As usual, i’m experiencing their departure as a loss – those Buddhists are right about the perils of attachment. No doubt, Sam and Sheila left because thry couldn’t make enough money. Our host is so right when she says the deck is stacked sgainst women in dance. There are many more female than male students at our studio and they want their primary instructor to be a guy. No one’s fault-just what is. So, i wish those splendid young women well and am grateful for the time I had with them. Will I allow myself to become attached to their replacements? Yep. I don’t love my cat any less because I know I’ll only have her for a time. Connection is what makes life worth living and dance worth watching. Have you hugged your instructor today?

  2. have two. they’ll help you sleep.

  3. loveablestef says:

    Personally, I hug my instructor every chance I get…it’s usually how we begin a lesson! And even when a person is on hiatus but not really gone, even that can be tough!

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