It is INDEED magical.


Stolen shamelessly from Riot and Frolic, which is like the quinoa of blogs 🙂

Seriously, you guys, quinoa is the SHIT. It is so amazing. I can’t say enough about it. Also, quinoa and brown rice pasta? WHAAAAAT. So good.

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4 thoughts on “It is INDEED magical.

  1. I think if they had these for all health foods, I’d eat better. I must try this BR pasta business.

  2. mybelle940 says:

    How do you cook your quinoa because the one time i tried it it came out awful and bitter. The package says to rinse it and I did but it still tasted awful… Any tips??

    • All I can say is the rinsing is key – as I’m sure you know, quinoa is coated naturally in these bastards called saponins (e.g. soapy little dudes) that taste just like ass, but rinsing it off is supposed to solve that problem. I’ve never had an issue with it? You might have bought some bad quinoa…I like Bobs Red Mill quinoa (red or brown, both are good), and I rinse it really well and just sort of boil it. I don’t know what else to tell you; it sounds like you either got a bad batch or you had some pretty virulent saponins. I’d urge you to try it again – it really can be super delicious!

    • mybelle940 says:

      Thanks so much… I’ll definitely give it another try!!!

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