So, no, I’m not dead in a ditch somewhere, but my apartment looks like maybe I have been?

Perhaps that’s because I roll through the door, throw shit on the floor and pass out for like six hours before dragging my ass out of bed again to put on a different set of lycra or spandex or whatever and go throw my legs around for some grander purpose.

So I am cleaning. It’s awesome.

PS – Thanks everybody who commented on the body policing post; I have some more thoughts about that when I have a minute to translate them into actual words!

PPS – If you have any desire to READ about cleaning instead of actually doing it (which I often do), go read everything that Jolie says. She is such a clean person and she knows how to get anything out of anything!


One thought on “Cleaning!

  1. cleaning is so difficult…

Cha cha cha.

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