I just got turned down again by another prospective partner. This happens a lot. (Like, a lot a lot. Like, literally a total of zero people want to dance with me professionally. That feels pretty much like shit.*) It sucks every time. At least this time the dude was nice about it (to be fair to him; to be fair to me, he blew me off for like two weeks and then was nice about saying no, which is still an uncool way to go).

When life gives you lemons, draw an angry face on one because it will  totally make you laugh.

It’s better than the time a dude said, sure, let’s set up a tryout and then texted me the morning of said tryout, saying, sorry, but I just now bothered to look for a picture of you on the internets and now that I’ve found one, well, don’t bother driving over… 

Getting rejected is part of the business. You get turned down all the time. Students tell you no, prospective employers tell you no, people booking jobs tell you no. But also sometimes they say yes. I am really hoping that eventually someone in the partnering department will say yes.

At least I am getting better about putting my shit out there. I used to be a seventh grade girl about it, swanning around being hurt that nobody was asking me. Now I straight up proposition people. They still tell me no, but at least now I’m not wasting as much of my time.

Uggggggggghhh, it still feels like crap to be turned down, though.

It’s amazing how this job finds all the things I am super insecure about and then just slams me over the head with them again and again.

I guess it’s cheaper than therapy?

* It might be less than zero, because at least a few people have expressed a desire to NEVER dance with me, even in the case of, e.g., aliens attack the earth and transport me and said person to their alien spacecraft and then blow up the Earth and all its denizens, leaving us as literally the only two ballroom dancers in the universe. Even in that situation: um, yeah, I’m going to just see what my options are? Soooo, no.

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One thought on “Rejection!

  1. Marian Condon says:

    Bi-utiful – Oh, crapola. Not being a huge rejection fan myself, I feel for you. Kudos for putting yourself out there, though. That takes guts. It had not occurred to me that being a dance pro opens one to rejection; my experience is confined to a comparatively sheltered aspect of the biz – a franchised studio in which I dance pretty much exclusively with instructors. Nevertheless, insecurity being ubiquitous in humans, I wonder occasionally why most of the male students – and a certain instructor – almost never ask me to dance. I wonder whether it’s because of my height, my out-there personality or my low-level dancing. In my less self-involved moments however, I try to put myself in the guys’ shoes. The students in question are accompanied by wives or girlfriends and may well feel safer dancing with them; the prospect of piloting a new (I was going to say strange) woman around the floor may feel risky – Maybe she won’t be able to follow me; Maybe she’ll think I can’t lead; Maybe she’ll think my patterns are boring. The instructor? Who knows? As one of the personal growth gurus once said, “What others think of me is none of my business.”

    Cha Cha on, Bi-utiful. Eventually, someone worthy of you will come along.

Cha cha cha.

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